More than 100 million people have fallen victims to Communism in its 100+ years of history.


Our Goal:

Freedom from Communism


The fall of the Berlin Wall.

Soviet and East European Communist bloc disintegrates.

300 million Chinese quit Chinese Communist Party.



• Help people around the world understand the nature of Communism and the great disaster it caused to humanity for more than 100 years, through videos, books, websites, textbooks and other means.

• Rescue and help people who are being persecuted by Communism regimes.

• Investigate the extreme cases of persecution of the Communist regime that have occurred and are happening, and publicize in a timely manner in an effort to stop the ongoing evils of the communist regimes. Investigate communism, especially the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration into the western societies, make detailed investigation reports, and release them publicly.

• Collaborate with righteous people from different countries, nationalities, beliefs, and political parties to facilitate the establishment of an International Special Tribunal of Reckoning of Communism to investigate and bring all Communist criminals to justice.

• Our ultimate mission is to keep humanity free from the scourge and slaughter of Communism and Communist Party forever.



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